Analyzing Job Profitability Video Series

Analyzing Job Profitability Video Series

This series of videos is based on the seminar “Analyzing Job Profitability using Microsoft Excel” developed and presented by Larry Wendt. The seminar deals with the concepts and methods of analyzing data such as job profitability as well as specific Excel techniques to actually do a quality analysis of job profitability.

The videos were selected from a presentation of the seminar given at the offices of the
ASA Chicago
in April, of 2011.

The Excel spreadsheet used in the seminar is available for purchase for $100 by calling Syscon at 800-545-2012. The spreadsheet contains all the formulas and techniques described in the seminar.

If you would like to have this presentation given at your organization, please contact Syscon at 800-545-2012 or e-mail

Please note – there are additional videos that will be added to this series over the next few months. If you would like to be notified when videos are added, please add your name to our
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Video 1 –
A Framework for Data Analysis
discusses how to approach the issue of organizing and analyzing data effectively using Job Profitability as the information of interest.

Video 2 –
The Importance of Defining Terms
looks at how to structure terms and definitions when you are doing detailed data analysis. This is particularly important when there are several people involved in the analysis process.

Video 3 –
Indirect Costs and Gross Profit
discusses how indirect costs affect gross profit on a job and why that is important to the analysis process.

Video 4 –
Definition of Gross Profit and Mark Up
defines these two closely related terms mathematically and looks at how they are used (and abused) in a construction environment.

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