A Voicemail Scam Through Email

A Voicemail Scam To Watch Out For

Just this week, I got two voicemail messages in my email, what’s referred to as  ‘wave’ files that you can listen to.

The first one got me to open the email. It said the message was sent by my audio message system, and it had the date the message was received. I clicked on the attachment to listen to the message. At the next screen, it said that due to the sensitive nature of the content, I had to enter my password – absolutely NOT! I closed the screen and forwarded the message to the techs, with a big ‘Caution’ added, for them to review. (BTW – how would an email message know that this message had sensitive info anyway?)

Mike did a little research for me and shared with all of us what the messages should look like, and what email address they come from through our voice mail system (thanks Mike!). I got a second one later in the week. This one said it was from my V_Mail system; I deleted it right away.

Bottom line: If you’re being asked to enter your credentials, user name or password, from a link in an email, stop immediately! If you’re not sure, give us a call. – CMW