A Daring Faith: Book Review

As I sat down to read this book, it sounded like it was written to men, specifically. After all, Ken Harrison is the CEO of Promise Keepers. I almost put it down, but I’m glad I didn’t!

I love the opening Preface—What’s the Point of it all? Why are we called to be selfless? We can’t ‘earn’ our way into heaven, so why try so hard? Why deny ourselves? Ken Harrison has some really good answers!

As business owners, you’ve heard of a ‘life style’ business, which often means a balance of comfort and dollars. Others want a ‘growth’ business, which usually means immersing yourself, making it your passion, stretching yourself and long days/weeks. There’s an interesting concept here; is your faith, are your convictions a ‘lifestyle’ or a passionate growth motivator? When judgement day arrives, what will we say we did with our lives? This book is asking if we’re willing to be daring!

Whatever your faith, are you all in?  There’s a great quote; ’There is an old saying that hard times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make weak men, weak men make hard times.’ We see this all around us. This book challenges us to revisit our comfort and asks if we’ve been courageous; are we staying ’salty’ or have we been lulled into inaction; what opportunities do we have to step up for those around us; and more.

He’s making his case from the Christian perspective, but I believe all of us would benefit from this book. Highly recommended! – CMW