4 Ways to Secure M365

4 Ways to Secure M365

Microsoft works to keep your company’s data secure, but you have a role to play, too. Here are four (4) things you can do to help keep your company’s data safe:

  1. Set Up MFA!!

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requires more than just a user name and password. Another source of verification is required such as a special code to your phone for additional confirmation.

  1. Train Your Users

Educate, continuously! Require MFA; provide reminders to not click links; never provide a password in response to an email request; never send a user name and password in the same email.

  1. Classify Data

Classifying your data into distinct categories and groups allows you to apply custom controls such as policies and file restrictions. This might include limiting access, restricting the ability to share files or even download to a local device.

  1. Adopt Zero Trust

Zero Trust is an approach that begins with the premise that nothing is trusted and all interactions have to be confirmed first. It assumes no document, link, email, or other data is safe to open.

Microsoft deploys some sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) to stop cyber attacks. More specifically, Microsoft uses machine learning, which is a type of AI. Without human intervention, Machine Learning (ML) uses historical data to make predictions about what is safe. In other words, ML is a smart type of AI that teaches itself to recognize possible cyber threats and stop them before they cause harm.