3 Important Reminders for Sage 100 Contractor Users

The Data is NOT in the MB7 folder any more – On a recent call with a new client, we asked about how they were handling their backups. They told us they copy the MB7 folder to a separate drive as a backup.

Now there are a couple of things wrong with this process, but here’s the BIGGEST problem – they’re on version 20 and that’s NOT where the data is located anymore! And, these are SQL files; you need an IT person involved to be sure you get a good backup that can be recovered if needed.

The Nightly Tune-Up Routine – The new Tune Up feature is like the old Reindex process, but more important than ever with the new SQL tables and logs. This automatically runs each night IF everyone is logged out! If not, it won’t run. If this doesn’t run, the SQL tables will not run through the cleanup process and the program may begin to run more slowly. One of the great features with v20 is the log of who has changed what; but all those logs take up space, which can slow things down.  Exit the program at the end of the work day (just buy another license if you don’t have enough!). The Tune Up will run in the evening IF everyone is logged off.

Get Those Datasets Migrated to version 20 – Sage no longer supports version 19 of Sage 100 Contractor. All the prior year archives and payroll archives need to be migrated to version 20. You may need access to them for an audit (Federal, State, Union) so you need the data to be available. We ran a webinar on this process (twice) and we’re available do it for you if you’d like.

Lastly, we’re getting a lot of questions about collecting time from the field with mobile devices (cell phones, tablets). Our Field Integrated Time (F.I.T.) System is FULLY Integrated with S100C version 20 and has all the functionality a contractor needs including time for Contract work, Service work, or any combination. Curious?  Sign up for our next webinar on April 19th at 11:30am Central time.  Any questions or need help, give us a call – 630-850-9039 —CMW