Security You Can Control – 3 Tips!

The number one recommendation from our techs is that you lock your workstation or laptop when you walk away! By leaving the computer unlocked, anyone can sit down and have access to anything and everything you have rights to see and do on that machine, on the network, on the internet, remembered passwords, etc. This is an easy one – Lock it!

So you get an email asking you to sign a document. All you have to do is enter your user name and password for your Exchange email account; what? This is a scam – they do not need your email password for you to sign an electronic document through DocuSign. Be suspicious! Don’t give passwords.

I got an email saying my Office 365 email was full, and all I had to do was log in and get it resolved. Very interesting… I don’t have an Office 365 account. This was a scam; they were phishing. Did you know that Office 365 hacking is one of the fastest growing scams right now? When they get in, they wreak absolute havoc with the account and all corresponding accounts in the group.

Not sure about an email you just received? Pick up the phone and call the sender, or give us a call and we can take a look – 630-850-9039, – CMW