2021-05-03 Day 53

Final day! We reach St. Augustine!


Today is the day! We complete the ride and move on with the rest of our lives. After 52 days and about 2,900 miles, we are going to ride 35 miles today to St. Augustine beach and dip our front wheels into the Atlantic ocean. – the bookend to the leaving San Diego, CA after dipping our rear wheels into the Pacific ocean.

On normal days, the riders all ride at their own pace, sometimes riding solo, sometimes riding with others that happen to be riding about the same speed on that day. Typically, on a ride of 50+ miles, there will be a separation of an hour or so between those riders who complete the ride first for the day, and those that come in toward the back of the pack. 


Today, however, we are all riding as a group – which is really fun.

First milestone – hitting the St. Augustine city limits.

Once we hit St. Augustine, we stopped for lunch. This was our opportunity to tell family members that were meeting us at the beach approximately what time we would be there. We ate at the A1 Ale House on the 2nd floor balcony, which provided a great view of the busy little town of St. Augustine.

From lunch is only 5 more miles to go!  

Many friends and family waiting for us to arrive.

May 3, 2021


May 3, 2021
  • 2,912 Miles Ridden
  • 8 States Traversed
  • 2 Oceans Touched
  • Many, many memories!

Today’s Ride Statistics

Total Mileage for Trip:  2,912