2021-05-02 Day 52

Last big ride!!! After over 2,900 miles, we finally see an alligator!


One last big push today – 80 miles. That will make a total of 300 miles in the past 4 days. On a bright note, our destination today is a hotel, which is always a little easier than camping or an indoor facility like the YMCA gymnasium we recently stayed at.


We have had spectacular weather for most of the trip, just dodging some big weather system that came in just before or  just after we passed through the area. Today is no different. It’s a perfect day for riding.

We continue to get less rural as we ride passing more amazing estates and homes along country roads.

About 30 miles of the 80 mile ride today we’re on very nice bike trails. Being on a trail removes the entire issue of motor vehicle traffic and so we, as riders, have to worry less about our surroundings and enjoy the passing scenery. 

For this part of the ride, we crossed over quite a bit of marshland.  

May 2, 2021

And, FINALLY, after looking for an alligator since Louisiana, we saw one!

What a great way to end the day’s riding!

Today’s Riding Statistics

Total Mileage to Date:  2,876