2021-05-01 Day 51

May Day! Al … most … there …!


It is May Day and all the riders were greeted with a thoughtful flower in the morning.

May 1, 2021

The campground setting was very nice and it was fun to see the row of bikes leaning against the fence – ready for the next day’s ride.

May 1, 2021

The wild flowers along the road have just exploded in abundance over the last few days.

We had a larger pace line than usual this morning, so you have a chance to meet some of the other riders.

Big event! We have our last touch of US 90, the road that has brought us so many miles on this trip. We did not actually have to ride on it today, just cross it. And that is the last we will see of it!

The number of turtles in this area is amazing. Unfortunately, we have seen several along the road as casualties from cars striking them. Here is a little guy that we stopped to move off the road. We did this a couple of times during the ride today.

May 1, 2021

When we had to move a turtle off the road, the easiest way was to just pick them up and move them. They are quite harmless. But here, we chased him off the road with our bikes.

The stop today is at the O’Lena state park. It is our LAST camping stop!  

Today’s Ride Statistics:

Total Mileage To Date:  2,796