2021-04-30 Day 50

Another big mileage day.  A great bakery in a historic town! We cross a river made famous by Stephan Foster.


Today is another significant mileage day – just under 80 miles, most of which is on our beloved US 90. However, we do hit some interesting places along the way.

The first place of interest is the historic town of Monticello, Florida. The courthouse was really worth seeing in particular.

Here is a shot of the courthouse which, according to the Wikipedia link above, is modelled after Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

April 30, 2021

In this little town was an exceptional bakery called Tupelo’s. I had to capture it on video for my Aunt Toni (mentioned before in this blog), who ran a bakery in Elmhurst, IL and in Calistoga, CA for many, many years!


The tour company providing the support for this ride, Timberline Adventures, goes out of its way to find interesting and exceptional local places like Tupelo’s. It is a fun part of the experience.

April 30, 2021

After Monticello, we hit the small town of Greenville. This is where Ray Charles, the blues musician, grew up. There is a statue of him in the center of town, and it is the tradition for all the Coast to Coast riders to get a picture with Ray. 

Finally, we crossed the famous Suwannee River – which is famous only because of its reference in a Stephan Foster song – “Old Folks at Home.”   The Wikipedia entry is quite interesting on this.

Once again, we are passing many beautiful homes.

April 30, 2021

Today’s Ride Statistics

Total Mileage to Date:  2,742