2021-04-29 Day 49

A big mileage day. Heading into the big city!


We are putting on a big push to finish the ride. The last 9 days of the ride do not have any rest days and we have several big mileage days. In fact, we cover 553 miles in these last 9 days with today being about 87 of them. The good thing about today is that we are largely on back roads after once again spending many hours on US 90 over the last few days. There should be some interesting sites along the way!

Shortly after we left the campground, the conditions became foggy. Not dangerously so, just kind of fun and pleasant to ride in.

We passed through Quincy, Florida about halfway to Tallahassee. Quincy is a beautiful little town with some exceptional homes. We are definitely getting near Tallahassee as the rural areas of riding for miles with no houses or buildings are becoming fewer. A nice change.

About 10 miles out from Tallahassee, we rode past the biggest plant nursery I have ever seen!

The day was long, but we covered a lot of miles and are 87 miles closer to our goal!

Today’s Ride Statistics

Total Mileage To Date:  2,664