2021-04-28 Day 48

Leaving a historical town – DeFuniak Springs.

The town of DeFuniak Springs has some history. There are a couple of unique things that we saw. The first was a public library – continuously running from 1887 to today in the same building – the oldest in Florida.

April 28, 2021

It is situated on a lake fed by one of the springs. The unique feature of the lake is that it is almost perfectly circular. It may not be obvious from these pictures, but we circled about 1/3 of the lake and it is pretty darn circular. 

April 28, 2021

Out weather, in general, has been very, very favorable Today was no exception. However, there has been a lot of rain going on in the past few days, so there is flooding.

Most of the fun was in the first 15 miles or so around DeFuniak Springs. From there we were back on our favorite US 90 all the way to Marianna.  Mostly just putting in the miles. We are so close! Finally, we hit Marianna after 70 – mostly boring – miles.

Today’s Ride Statistics

Total Mileage To Date:  2,577