2021-04-27 Day 47

A New Food Truck. Putting in the miles on US 90.


As I mentioned in previous posts, we get a new food truck to follow us and provide meals with each new state we enter. Florida – our 8th state – was no exception. Today is the first breakfast they served us and it was wonderful pancakes and sausage. This was a real treat and a big hit with the riders!

April 27, 2021

Today is all about putting in the miles.   We are on our favorite (not) road since Texas, US 90.  Today’s ride is about 54 miles and I believe all but 3 are on US 90.   At least the road surface is better than it was in Texas!   And, the Florida drivers have been very courteous!


Here we are at the beginning of the ride:

And here we are with just a few miles to go:

But, finally – a few miles of a variation!

Today’s Ride Statistics

Total Mileage to date:  2,507