2021-04-20 Day 40

Putting in the miles! A special message for Aunt Toni: being careful with choices.


Today was about putting in miles. The route is a straight east shot through Louisiana where there is not a lot going on; we just have to make it to the next stop.


Although we started out with a few clouds and some rain trailing off, the morning turned out to be outstanding for riding. The sun was shining, the temperatures were in the low 60’s, and there was little to no wind. Even the road surfaces were beautiful as we started out.

April 20, 2021

Although it rained last night, it looks very promising for the day.

Riding LA Highway 10:

My 95 year-old Aunt Toni and her friend Sonia have been watching the progress of the ride for these past weeks. Well, Aunt Toni left me a phone message yesterday with a specific question, so I decided to ask one of the other riders to answer it.

I mentioned “choices” in my headings of this entry. After my second trip to the ER in a week, I am resigned to being cautious and stop at the first sign of trouble so I don’t create a big problem out of a little one. It is irritating because I feel strong after all these miles of riding, The other riders are supportive (except, I guess, for the ex-Marine riding with us who said “Rub some dirt on it and keep going!”) but it is a little hard on my ego to stop riding when there is no obvious reason for me to do so.


Today, I stopped at the 2nd SAG point about 48 miles into the ride. It was very clear I should stop, so I did and I did the “ride of shame” in the SAG vehicle with a smile on my face.


Today’s Ride Statistics

Target Ride:  86.6; Larry’s Ride:  47.6