2021-04-19 Day 39

Rest Day!


Today was a rest day at a Girl Scout Camp in Franklinville. There was no Internet and little phone service, so I did what I should have given the events of the last week or so: I rested. I didn’t take many pictures or interact a lot with people. I slept, maintained my bike, and rested some more.

April 19, 2021

One fun fact is the owner of the tour company, Timberline Adventures, is Barb Hoyt. She is a lifetime Girl Scout. Unsurprisingly, many of the women riders on the tour were also Girl Scouts. During a time of gathering during the day, we were treated to – what we are told – is a classic Girl Scout song.   It was led by Barb, and I include it here for your listening pleasure. It is rather long, but if you want to know what happens with the bear …