2021-04-18 Day 38

Crossing the Mississippi River, the “swamp” road, and a generally busy day.


Currently, there are 21 riders. There is no specific protocol for riders to ride together, or alone, or at the same speed. But we do tend to clump together with groups of riders that ride similarly. So many of my pictures and videos show just a handful of riders I’m usually with  However, today, we have a chance to meet some other riders.

The miles can be monotonous, so we look for small things that are different. Today, we had a real treat for about 10 miles.

Today, we crossed two large bridges. One of the “False River” and one over the “Mississippi” river. Both were big bridges. This first one, I mistakenly thought we were crossing the Mississippi river, but that was to come later.

Here is the top of the bridge, which we crossed without incident.

April 18, 2021

The next event in this busy day was about 5 miles of riding on a raised road through the Louisiana swamp. I was really hoping to see an alligator or a snake, but no such luck. Still, it was very interesting.

We finally get to cross the Mississippi River!

Shortly after crossing the Mississippi River, only about 10 miles from camp, one of my riding buddies stopped one of the SAG vans and strongly suggested I SAG in the last 10 miles. He knew there was a problem because I suddenly could not keep up with the group I normally ride with. It was a good call, and I knew it – even though I didn’t like it.  So, I SAG’d into camp, and then went to the ER in town. My third medical trip in about a week.  What a pain!

Today’s Ride Statistics:

Target Ride: 67.8 Miles; Larry Ride 56.5 miles