2021-04-15 Day 35

Back on the bike … mostly.


Last night, we stayed at the Shephard Sanctuary. This was an odd little place that had small (very small) little cabins just big enough to sleep one or two people with not much room left over. They did not have bathrooms. There was also some room for camping.


The entire place was filled with knick-knacks that you might find at a flea market, plus some other interesting items. For example, they had bid on, and won, an auction to purchase the neon sign “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” from the, and used in, the TV series of the same name. This sign was big. It was perhaps 8 to 10 feet long and about 6 feet high for just the word “Buffy.” The rest of the sign was in storage because it was too big to hang all of it.

There were multiple showers in the place, but the best one, ironically, was the “outdoor” shower. It was not a shower you would use if you were bashful as it was along an outdoor corridor that was well travelled and let us say that it was a bit “open” in its construction. 

So the ride was going fine but toward the end my infection symptoms flared up in a big way. When I got to camp I headed to the nearest Emergency Room, which was a small community medical center about an hour drive away. They were backed-up with 15 patients in the ER and so below was my view of the world for 5 hours.   

April 15, 2021

They took a lot of blood and then disappeared. Ultimately, they came back, gave me some different antibiotics and basically said that it was nothing really “bad” of the long list of bad things it could have been, so they were treating the infection and said to ride when I was ready.

Oh boy!

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