2021-04-14 Day 34

Back on the bike – at least for part of the day!


After waiting exactly three days (36 hours) as per the doctor’s orders, I was ready to ride again. This put me on my bike at noon today, so I started a little beyond the middle of the ride from the second SAG/Check-in stop.


One of our strongest riders, Mark O., generously volunteered to stay with me while I road as I didn’t really have a good idea of how healthy I was at this point. The video here has poor sound since we were going downhill and a pretty good pace – so the wind noise is significant. But Mark is in front of me as we head out of the SAG 2 stop.

One note about the SAG stops. These are mandatory stops inserted at various points in the day’s ride that serve several purposes. First, it tells the tour organizer where all the riders are during the ride. If someone doesn’t check-in, they go looking for them in case there is a problem. Secondly, the riders refill water and perhaps have some food. Water is critical, particularly on hot days, so the stops are essential. Finally, it is a chance for the riders to rest a few minutes and maybe see something interesting in the local area.


It is always fun when the locals do something a little different. Here, Westmont Ranch has a ten foot cow at their ranch entrance.

April 14, 2021

Some more country road riding, which I love.

It was a short day for me, but I felt good and ready for another one.

Today’s Ride Statistics:

Target 89.1 miles; LAW ride 38.4