2021-04-11 Day 31



Another beautiful day for riding. We exited the Lockhart campsite largely as a group, which makes for a neat video.

When I see these pictures in retrospect, they really capture the feeling of the roads going on forever.  


44 miles into the ride – which was scheduled for 62 miles – I started to experience some serious discomfort riding. I had to stop and request a ride to the nearest Urgent Care location. Fortunately, even though it was a Sunday afternoon, Barb from Timberline Adventures found a place and sent me on my way.   


An hour or two later, I had antibiotics and instructions to stay off the bike for the next three days. Bummer! The silver lining in this news was only that one of the forced three days of rest was actually a rest day for the entire team. So, at worst, I should only miss two days of riding.


I found a hotel near where we would start riding again on the third day and checked in so I didn’t have to camp three days in different locations while trying to rest. Shortly after I checked in, one of the other riders, John Schafer, showed up at the same day and checked in the same hotel to keep me company. It was very welcome! I also got many supportive texts from the other riders as news went out that I was going to be off for a couple of days.

April 11, 2021

Today’s Ride Statistics

Target ride was 62.3 miles.