2021-04-10 Day 30

Long-horn cattle. Third day of Texas Hill Country.

For the first time, we saw some true “Long-horn” cattle. Quite the magnificent animal. (Spoiler alert – a couple days further into the blog are some really fun videos of these long horns.)

We passed through a really thriving town called Kyle. It was our lunch stop for the day. Most days, if there is an option to do so, we, or rather the tour organizers – Timberline Adventures, find us a really neat local place to eat.  Today was the “Texas Pie Co.” in Kyle. I had the Snicker-Doodle pie, but the consensus at the riders meeting this evening was that the Chocolate Pecan was the best pie there! 

Toward the end of the ride, the hills started to flatten out a bit and it was clear we were starting to leave traditional Texas Hill Country.

April 10, 2021

We ended in Lockhart, TX and a tiny RV Park that was being renovated by new owners. We gathered under a 400+ year old Oak tree for the evening.

Today’s Ride Statistics: