2021-04-08 Day 28

Fun hills, hills, and more hills – AND – crossing the halfway point!


No, really – it was fun. Most of the riders agreed.


Today we entered the Hill Country of Texas. The change from the monotonous desert landscape was stark and welcome. We saw green, we say ground fog (read “humidity”), and we saw live animals rather than an occasional animal carcass in or next to the road.

April 8, 2021

Many ranches through this area as well.

April 8, 2021

So, you might ask if you are not a bike rider – how can hills be fun? In this case, the hills were “rollers,”  that is – not too long, not too steep – just up and down as you headed down the road. A fun strategy for these hills is to start down the back-side of a hill and get moving as fast as you can, then use the momentum to climb most, if not all of the next hill. When it works, it is exhilarating.


But there are also the hills that are not rollers and take a bit more work to climb.

And here it is at the top of the hill.

April 8, 2021



Traditionally, a landmark called “The Boot Fence” marks the half-way point of our journey. Sometimes the exact point will vary by a few miles based on the routes for the particular year.  

April 8, 2021

Finally, we ended the ride into Kerrville with a stop at an excellent bike shop and a few miles on very nice bike paths leading to the campground.   All-in-all, a really good day!

Today’s Ride Statistics: