2013 Year End for Sage 100 Contractor

2013 Year End for Sage 100 Contractor

2013 is coming to an end
– Many of you have already started planning for the 2013 Year End. Several clients have scheduled their Payroll and/or Fiscal year end closing with us. All clients need to be on Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Master Builder) version 18.x
19.x to have support during the year end closing process. If you have anything older than version 17, please call the office to arrange the upgrade before the Year End close.

Closing the Payroll and/or Fiscal Year
– For the majority of our clients, Sage 100 Contractor is used for payroll. The payroll has to be closed after the last check dated in 2013, and before the first payroll check dated January of 2014. Take a look at when you will run the last payroll of the year, including any owner checks for Personal use of Company Vehicle, Health benefits for S-Chapter Corporations, and/or final Retirement contributions for the 2013 calendar year. The closing has to be after all of these are done for 2013, and before you create any payroll records for any check dated January of 2014. If you have any questions, please call our office for clarification.

Upgrade to Sage 100 Contractor version 19
– The 2014 Federal tax tables will only be available from Sage for version 19. This is similar to what was done last year, so many of you have gone through this before. The 2013 Fiscal and Payroll years can be closed with version 17 (no Sage support), version 18.x, or version 19.x. Sometime in January 2014, Sage 100 Contractor will have to be upgraded to 19 in order to have the new tax tables available.

Payroll Tax Forms at Year End
– This year will be similar to last year. The W-2’s will be four-up on blank, perforated paper which can be purchased with or without the pre-printed instructions on the back. (These instructions can be printed on blank paper and included with the W-2.) Vendor 1099 forms can be printed from the software but will need the red-ink forms. Forms can be purchased through Sage or various Office Supply stores.

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  • Closing the Payroll and/or Fiscal year
  • Upgrade of Sage 100 Contractor from any version older than 17 prior to Closing

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